The property that surrounds the house has about 10,000 square metres. There is a wide parking place next to the house to make our guests easier to unload the luggage.

What can we see there?

A Casa do Fidalgo is inside a triangle formed by three real outstanding villages (Bogo-Vilarxubín-Sampaio) and it is known as the “triangle of the wicked goblin”, a mythological local creature.

The house is surrounded by many villages with an exceptional Galician arquitecture, where the different traditional granaries on stone pilars melt creating an incomparable rural atmosphere.

As our welcome message reads, the Reigadas river flows next to the house. That´s why there is a great fishing tradition in this area, especially fishing trouts.


For trekking lovers, this is the perfect place to experience different routes:

The Fraga de Reigadas route is a trekking route along the river, which passes the house. This is a 17 km route with medium difficulty and it is divided in three paths. This route is a lovely tale surrounded by native vegetation through primitive bridges, near ancient mills and the old ironwork shop of Bogo (a concession made by the Queen Isabella of Castile). It dates back to the begining of the sixteenth Century and it was restored. Nowadays, it is closed.

The Seimeira route starts among pines, chestnut trees, birches, holly trees… and, all of a sudden, you will hear the sound of the water falling originating a waterfall (the waterfall of Seimeira).









If you decide trying the Seimeira route, the visit to an open air museum owned by a sir called “The Marquis” is a must. This marquis from Sanxés is a country person who, after retiring, decided to make sculptures using wood, roots, hollow logs…

It is worth mentioning these routes are included in the area of the Río Eo, Los Oscos y Tierras de Burón, designated Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in June 2007.

In the village A Pontenova, you can take the route of the mines, which goes under the mine galleries, and its great touristic attraction of the smelting ovens.

And, we can´t forget the salmon fishing in the river Eo either.

Just 15 km away, you can visit Taramundi, a village in the region of Asturias very close to our place and our customs, too. Bogo-Machuco was the blacksmith´s land, and so was Taramundi. It is worth visiting the etnographic collections and the Penknife Museum in Pardiñas.

On the other side of the mountain we are surrounded by, there is a village called Los Oscos (Asturias).

35 km away you can find the village A Fonsagrada.

And, just around the corner, you can enjoy the coastline of Lugo and its beach routes with the most famous one known as "Cathedral´s beach".

If you enjoy trekking, fishing, going to the mountains, hunting, biking but, especially, if you really want to enjoy an unexplored territory, a virgin environment, just come and visit us.

Celt Festival in Bogo

I Festival celta mais pequeno do mundo. Bogo 10 xullo 2010. Triángulo dos trasnos.

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