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Lugar de Machuco Nº1 - 27722 A Pontenova - Lugo (Galicia)

GPS Coordinates GPS: N 43º 18´ 52´´ , W 7º 10´ 17´´

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There are two different ways to get here:

If you are driving via Lugo-Oviedo on the N-640, you will get through a village called Vilaxe just 3 km before getting to A Pontenova. Make the detour called Santalla-Vilarmide and continue on the Vilaeimil, Ribeira de Piquín direction. You will see the name of several villages (like Xinzo, Ermida). Take the route towards Ermida and you will see a shop called "A tenda de Manolo". Keep on 100 metres. Once you see a sawmill, turn to the left to the Vilaeimil, Carballido direction. Now you are in Vilaeimil. Get through all this village and after 300 metres, make a detour to the left, where you will see a wood sign which reads “Casa do Fidalgo”.


Another route to get here is from A Pontenova. Cross over the bridge and take the route Fonsagrada. Do not go off course until you get to the BOGO-MACHUCO direction. It is 12 km far from A Pontenova.


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